Will the WiFi speakers go out of date over time?

Will the WiFi speakers go out of date over time?

No, the speakers are updated dynamically by the cloud using the Lithe Audio app, when updates are available you shall get a prompt to download the latest firmware.

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      The key differences of the Lithe Audio Ceiling speakers are:  Bluetooth Speaker - Single room solutions - 30m range - can play anything from source via Bluetooth 5.0 - Voice Control via Alexa or Google Home WiFi Speaker - Multi room system (can play ...
    • Can the WiFi speakers act as stereo pair without speaker wire?

      Yes, you will need 2 master WiFi speakers, within Lithe Audio app group the 2 speakers to one, and within settings change the speaker to be left or right speaker and SAVE.
    • Are the WiFi speakers easy to wire to mains supply?

      Yes, you can connect the power supply via the supplied plug into the main socket OR connect to lighting circuit either existing ceiling rose or junction box by wiring in a single plug socket or terminating the plug to a fused spur, with a 3A rated ...
    • My device won't connect to WiFi speaker?

      Check the power to the speaker is turned on, standby red light should flash or solid Green. If not check the connection and try again.  Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and make sure your network is the same as the speaker when setup if turned off turn Wi-Fi ON. ...
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      One of the key points about using WiFi speakers is you need a good signal to enable lossless music  Otherwise, the system shall behave erratically and drop, stop, jump, crackle, etc... At each speaker, if you have a WiFi signal strength app or Wifi ...