my speaker wont apply the update

WiFi music sources dropping / firmware not updating router fix.

If you find that your speaker is unable to update to the latest firmware, or music sources are stopping intermittently this may be due to a protocol on your home router stopping this from happening. 

To get to this setting you need to access the back end of your router. This can be done by typing in your Default Gateway IP address into an internet browser i.e. Once you have access to the login page it will ask you for the admin login, this information will be on the router's passcode card under the Wi-Fi password.

Please check the following are disabled:

  • WMM (wireless media management). 
  • uPnP security

This can be resolved by un-ticking all subheadings as shown in the below image. All router manufacturers' layouts are different, so you need to look for the tick boxes as shown, as the heading box may be different (Radio Control). 

When these boxes are un-ticked apply and restart the router. You may need power off speakers to clear cache and memory, this should then resolve the problem. 

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