Why is my rock speaker silicone sealant cracking and or turning yellow?

Why is my rock speaker base silicone sealant cracking and or turning yellow?

The Lithe Audio Rock Speaker silicone sealant can discolour or delaminate from the rock base.

This shall not have an impact on the functional aspect and IP integrity of the Rock Speaker, in addition, the electronics contained inside the rock are concealed within an IP65 plastic housing. 

Why does it start to crack? 
Silicone after a period of time, when exposed to the elements, water, humidity and being left outside all year round mixing hot and cold, will expand the silicone sealant just the same as a settling house, will cause the cracking. However, this may not happen for a long period of time depending on what part of the world the speaker is installed in. 

Why does the silicone turn yellow? 
After years of exposure to water and humidity, clear silicone can begin to yellow and blacken. This effect will not take any negative effect on the speaker. 

At Lithe Audio, we suggest resealing the base of the rock speaker with outdoor silicon sealant. This would be the same with any bathroom or kitchen, over time will require a fresh install of silicone. 

If you need further help please contact our support team at support@litheaudio.com 

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