Where should I position my Lithe Audio Subwoofer

Where should I position my Lithe Audio Subwoofer?

For the best results produced by the Lithe Audio Micro Subwoofer, we would recommend the following:


Placing the subwoofer in the corner of the room, can increase the output of the subwoofer, making the sub sound louder as a result. Sometimes this may not be an option, as it may be too far away from your listening position. 

Please note, try not to place the sub too close to the wall, as you may get a distorted muffled sound. Place the sub a hands width away from the wall is a good start, and move around the room if the corner is not working for you.


We recommend the corner of the room for the above reasons.

The beauty of the Lithe Audio Subwoofer is the freedom that you can move around the room being a wireless connection. Just bear in mind the power cable length from your plug socket to the subwoofer. 

Ultimately, we all hear things differently and have various tastes, so it's all about what sounds good for you.

We suggest playing a music track with a lot of bass and move the subwoofer around the area you are likely to listen within.

For larger rooms you may find that it doesn't cover all the area, so an additional subwoofer may be required to balance out the sound. 

If you're looking for an extra rumble in those movie scenes, placing your sub behind the sofa is highly recommended.  

In a bedroom, we recommend putting the sub under or behind the bed.  

NOTE: Also remember to optimize your subwoofer equalizer settings for maximum 

Please visit our website or contact our support team for further information.

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