SoundSend - How to update the Firmware?

SoundSend - How to update the Firmware?

Here is a link to the Wisa firmware page with the latest files. 

Once downloaded, as per link above....

1. Extract the bin file from the .zip archive file to your laptop/desktop computer.

NOTE: You must extract the file from the archive (compressed file). Viewing the file and trying to drag and drop from an archive viewer will not work.

a) Create a folder where you want the firmware update file to reside, or just leave it in your Downloads folder. If you create a new folder, name the folder with the firmware file revision number, such as 1.20, for example

b) If you did create a new folder, move the .zip file containing the firmware update to the new folder, and then open that folder.

 For MACs:

c) Double-click the .zip file to extract the firmware update file “SSMCU.bin” to the current folder, along with brief release notes.

 For Windows:

c) Right-click on the .zip file and select Extract All to extract the firmware update file “SSMCU.bin” to the current folder, along with brief release notes.

 2. Plugin the micro end of the SoundSend power cable to SoundSend.

 3. Press and hold the button on the top of SoundSend while you plug USB A end of the cable into your laptop/desktop.


4. Release button after 3 seconds. The LED will be flashing Red.

 5. A Windows/Mac drive/file folder --may-- automatically open on your screen. If it does not, open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and double-click to open the "SoundSend" drive in a new folder.


6. Drag SSMCU.bin to the empty SoundSend folder. SoundSend automatically starts the update process.

 7. Process is complete when SoundSend’s flashing Red LED starts flashing White.


--Be patient: MCU update can take up to 1 minute to complete, starting from the file drag/drop!--

NOTE: If the LED remains Red after the update, unplug SoundSend from the laptop/desktop and repeat the update process. This update failure is not catastrophic, but it does happen on occasion and usually works with a second try.

8.     Unplug the USB A end of the SoundSend power cable.

9.     Reattach SoundSend to its power supply and to the TV.

Enjoy your WiSA audio experience.

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