My device will not connect after few months of working fine?

My device will not connect after few months of working fine?

Please try the following: 

  • Press the reset button on the speaker for 10 seconds to delete the connected device list. Blue led shall start to flash ready for pairing. 
  • Power off the speaker for 30 seconds and turn back on. The speaker will make audible noise and blue led will start flashing waiting to connect. 
  • Check to see if there is power going to the speaker, the red/blue led indicator should be lit, if not no power present, connector maybe loose, check fuse..
  • Power off your phone to restart as Bluetooth may have got stuck
  • Check you device power as if too low below 20-30% this can reduce the signal strength, charge if necessary.

Flashing red light, the device has gone into safety mode. due to lighting strike, voltage spike in the circuit. Power off and turn back on. 

Follow the 2 steps above, failing this please contact us.

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