Minimum Network requirements

Minimum Network requirements

Follow this checklist to ensure you have the minimum network requirements to secure optimal audio performance from your Wi-Fi and
Pro Series ceiling speakers.

The speaker is supplied with a 100-240V AC Adaptor which can be powered by connecting to:
• Existing lighting circuit using a fused spur (with 3A Fuse) or dedicated supply.
• Standard Plug socket
• PoE++ Powered for Pro Series ONLY, you can power directly from PoE 60W Injector
(PoE Add on Required) Standard: IEEE 802.3bt to deliver up to 60W of power to each speaker.
Internet Speed:
• Recommended minimum requirement 1.5 Mbps (per Speaker)
• Music streaming services typically require 0.32-0.64 Mbps (per speaker)

• Standard routers issued by your ISP are one for low traffic, using less than 10 devices, phones, laptops, TVs, tablets etc included.
• If you have more than 6 master speakers working in one location, this may cause disruption if they are on a standard home router,
causing dropouts and performance-related issues (suggest purchasing a new router that can handle more devices simultaneously,
with improved processing CPU power eg. Draytek, Asus..).
• Common checks making sure the UPNP setting is turned ON and the WMM setting is turned OFF. If you have a Wi-Fi V1, the 5GHz
the channel should be turned OFF. If you have a V2, Subwoofer or Pro, all speakers are dual-band channels that use 2.4 GHz & 5GHz.
• As per WiFi recommendations suggest power o router every 3 months to clear Cache on the router, which shall improve performance.

• Required if the area to cover has WiFi dead zones. Simple cost active plugin solution to boost the signal as the next step up from just a
• For the Booster to work with the speaker, it needs to be on the same network as the speaker.
• Typically rebroadcasts half the strength of your main router WiFi signal.
Access Points:
• Recommend Access points for full WiFi coverage
• Access points are recommended for Large homes to increase WiFi Range in those WiFi dead zones.
• All speakers MUST be connected on the same WiFi SSID and frequency band to work together along with the device playing

Typical Causes of WiFi Router Problems
• Signal Congestion (limited bandwidth of the router to push the data to the devices)
• Interference (concrete walls, metal beams, other equipment nearby)
• Network Overload (Too many devices on the network)
• Router Location (sat on the floor next to power cables)
• Hardware / Firmware limitations (Can be out of date)
• Physical size of your home (WiFi dead spots)

For further technical support either call us on 01293 922015 or email 

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