How to find MAC address of Bluetooth Speaker

How to find MAC address of Bluetooth Speaker

To find the MAC address of the Bluetooth Speaker using a PC using Windows 10 

Please follow the instructions below 

1. Go to Control Panel by typing in the Search box Control panel or click windows key (click small cog on left hand side)

2. Click Devices and turn on Bluetooth slider.

Note: Not all PCs have Bluetooth built in, if you do not see this slider you don't have Bluetooth enabled

3. Click Add Bluetooth or other device (if you have haven't connected to speaker before) 

4. Click Bluetooth to start searching for available devices 

5. A list of available Bluetooth devices shall be list as shown, in our case BEDROOM speaker is listed, click this to pair 

NOTE: If you have a pin version, please enter your pin number to proceed

6. OK, great we are connected to the BEDROOM speaker, click DONE.

7. Click on the right hand side Devices and Printers in Blue under Related Settings 

8. Double click on BEDROOM speaker to load BEDROOM Properties

9. At the top of the Properties page you will see Tabs, Click Bluetooth 

Second from the bottom you will see Unique Identifier, this is the MAC address of speaker 

NOTE: Make a note of this and send to us for issues around multiple speakers not showing all speakers.

Our speaker: 00:02:5b:00:a5:00