How to change the name and pin number using the Lithe Audio BT App

How to change the name and pin number using the Lithe Audio BT App

Download the Lithe Audio BT App from either Apple App Store or Google Play store.

1. Open the Lithe Audio BT 5 setup app, the app shall search for the speaker.  

2. Select the speaker (Lithe Audio BT2)

3. Setup an Admin password, Make a note of the password for future use. If you have multiple speakers recommend having the same Password for ease of use.

Please Note: If you forget the pin you would need to reset the speaker (see how to do this via Lithe Audio BT5 Manual) 

4. Confirm Admin pin (our example 0000), as shown take a screenshot of the pin for your records. Press DONE


6. Enter Admin password as in step 4

7. Turn the pin code to ON (to enable password protection) 

8. Enter your new pin for the speaker and SET PIN.

9. Select UPDATE SPEAKER NOW or if you want to change the name of the speaker as well you can Select CHANGE NAME where it will take you to this page

10. CHANGE NAME, select a pre set name as per below or CREATE YOUR OWN NAME (to a name of your choice).

11. Click DONE, it will show this page for both pin setup and name change. 

Reconnect to the new speaker name in your Bluetooth settings. Your speaker is all setup. 

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