How to apply manual firmware update to Wi-Fi speaker

How to apply manual firmware update to Wi-Fi speaker

If you are experiencing any issues updating the firmware through the Lithe Audio APP you can update this through the backend of the speaker via a web browser as instructed by our support team.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT turn off the power to the speaker or interrupt the download as this could corrupt the speaker. This method should only be used when the overt the air update via the app isn’t working as intended as instructed by our support team. Incorrect use can lead to faulty download, which can cause the speaker to become unresponsive.

1. Input the speaker IP address into the web browser address line.

NOTE: The speaker IP address can be found in the Lithe audio APP, speaker settings under the speaker’s name will show the IP address. Eg.
OR find the IP address of the speaker through the backend of your home router under devices.
2. Once loaded, within the webpage, it will say LITHE AUDIO at the top.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it will say firmware Upgrade.  

4. Under firmware Upgrade it will say Select Method in the dropdown box select Network.

Click Upgrade. It will then load a new page saying rebooting to firmware upgrade mode.

6. Click browse, select the firmware file supplied in the attachment below i.e., Isimage. Once selected it will show the file name (Isimage) next to the browse button.

7. Click Update.

8. It will load a new page showing the old and new firmware files. Click OK.

9. It will then start to apply the file saying Firmware update states 10% (the speakers LED will be flashing red/blue) this means it is applying correctly.

10. Once complete the page will reload back to the first page and your speaker will have applied the firmware. Check on the app to see if the firmware version has been updated.

 If you are still getting problems applying the file, please see attached a video on how to apply the update.

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