How should I position my Lithe Audio Speakers

How should I position my Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers?

Ensuring you get the positioning of speakers in your property right, is essential in order to utilise your speakers and your space. This of course will depend on the size of the room, shape, and how you use the space.  

The general recommendation for rectangular or square is one speaker for the first 16m² and an additional speaker for every further 8m².  For example square shape room of 4m x 4m or 16m² we recommend that you would only need one speaker.   If your room was 4m x 6m or 24m²  we'd recommend two speakers.  

Of course every space is different and are not always square or rectangular.  If you are adding speakers to an irregular or L shaped room additional speakers should be considered alongside what is generally recommended. 

We also recommend that you install the speakers at least 76mm away from the wall to ensure best audio coverage.  

On the face of a Lithe Audio speaker, you will find the equaliser switch. We recommend the positive setting (+) if you have a high vaulted ceiling, which will produce +3dB.  For a tiled room such as a bathroom we recommend the negative setting (-), which will produce -3dB.  

If you still need assistance in finding the best location or aren't sure how many you need, you can send us your floor plans! We provide a free consultation service.  Our expert team will recommend where to position your speakers as well as how many are needed for your space. To access this service click here.

As you can see from the image below we explain how many speakers would be needed in different locations:


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