how to google cast to my lithe speaker

How to Group together Pro Series/Wi-Fi V2/Subwoofer speakers with Chromecast

Unsure of how to use Chromecast or experiencing issues with grouping your speakers through Chromecast

Please follow the procedures below:
How to Check for Updates

Firstly, please make sure the Lithe Audio speakers and google home app are installed and up to date. The speakers shall update automatically but this can be checked through the Google play store/App store to see if there is an update for both Apps (Google Home & Lithe Audio).

Which Step to start from?

If a Chromecast group has not been created, please skip the first step, go straight to Step 2- Adding speakers to home.

If a Chromecast group has already been created the speaker(s) is not adding and/or any other issues with the existing group start from Step 1- Factory reset on Google Home.


1 - Factory Reset on Google Home

2 – Adding Speakers to your Home

3 - Creating Speaker Group for Chromecast

In this example, Office speaker 2 and 3 are not working together and this will be fixed.

Within each diagram, these are what each annotation defines.

Each Annotation is in Blue.

Boxes define where the user should press on their screen

Arrows define the transitioning of screens. 

Step 1 - Factory reset on Google Home

The first step is to factory reset each speaker which is having issues grouping through Chromecast. This step is only required if the user has already made an existing group through Chromecast. If the user has not made a group yet, this step can be skipped.

Please note, this will reset the speakers and they will have to be manually added back to your network and renamed via the Lithe Audio APP.

Figure 1- Speaker settings on Google home

Select the speaker ‘Home,’ the Home here is labelled as ‘PRO ETHERNET TEST,’ as displayed in figure 1.

The next step is to click on a speaker that needs to be reset, labelled by a blue square.

After selecting the speaker, it will bring up the screen on the right in figure 1 go on the settings which are highlighted by the Blue square. 

Figure 2- Factory Rest the Device 

Settings as shown above on the left, in figure 2Press the icon on the top right side, as shown above.

Prompt will show to factory reset the speaker. If ‘Factory Reset’ cannot be seen as an option, this means a user has linked this device to their account. The user will need to repeat all steps with the account linked to the speaker as the user will be then able to factory reset the speaker.

Repeat all these steps for each speaker trying to group through Chromecast.

The speaker has now been reset on Google home and will now be able to group on a fresh new Home.

Step 2 - Adding Speakers to your Home

How to create a new Home.

Figure 3- Creating a new home 

Figure 3. this procedure is to keep everything new. In terms of options for the Home, create the room as a preference. Please note do not add address this can be skipped.


How to add your Lithe Audio Pro/Wi-Fi V2 Speakers onto Google Home

There are nine parts on the diagram annotated accordingly.

Please note that when prompted a beep sound will be heard from the speaker, if the sound is not heard, please try again. If a beep is still not heard, add the speaker again as sometimes the sound can be incredibly quiet.

On the bottom right, the speaker has been added back to the Home.

How to add your speakers to your Google home?

Step 3 - Creating Speaker Group for Chromecast

Speakers are added as a cast device for Home, they are now able to correctly recreate a Chromecast group.

Now audio will be able to stream from Lithe speaker via Chromecast!

Note. Once cast has begun any source can be used i.e., Spotify

Tip: Once groups and individual speakers are setup within Chromecast they shall be visible within Spotify and other apps. Very handy when you have a set group to play to, just click the group to play to all. Simple...


For further help or assistance please email

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