Connecting to MESH/AP Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to MESH/AP Wi-Fi Network

Please ensure your WiFi speakers are all connected to the 2.4Ghz network.

We suggest turning off the 5Ghz network during the setup process.

If you have lots of devices running on your router this can cause congestion which then can cause all kinds of issues.

It’s worth checking how many devices are connected; ie phones, TVs, laptops, thermostats, etc as your router may be hitting the workable limit for the number of IP addresses it can simultaneously handle at any given time.

When connecting Lithe Audio speakers to a Mesh Wi-Fi Router or Access point(s), we recommend removing the auto channel setting. Say you have 2 access points make one, channel 6 and the other 11.

NOTE: Make sure you have the same network SSID for both the access points and router. Having different SSID for the router to the access points shall cause the system to not see all speakers 

This will ensure your phone or device can see all discoverable speakers on the Lithe audio App and play to multiple zones together or as a single zone, without latency or loss of sound.

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