Can the WiFi speakers act as stereo pair without speaker wire?

Can the WiFi speakers act as stereo pair without speaker wire?

Yes, you will need 2 master WiFi speakers, within Lithe Audio app group the 2 speakers to one, and within settings change the speaker to be left or right speaker and SAVE.

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    • Can the WiFi ceiling speaker be used in the bathroom?

      Our bathroom IP version is IP44 rated and can be used in the bathroom. Do not place speaker directly above the shower unit, bath, sinks or radiators.
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      Yes, you can connect the power supply via the supplied plug into the main socket OR connect to lighting circuit either existing ceiling rose or junction box by wiring in a single plug socket or terminating the plug to a fused spur, with a 3A rated ...
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      Download the Lithe Audio android app from the google store Lithe audio here  Make sure you are connected to the 2.4Ghz WiFi network on your router, otherwise you cannot connect to the speakers. Power on the WiFi speaker this shall take a minute or so ...