Playing via Airplay dropping out or buffering

Modified on: Mon, 27 Jan, 2020 at 12:48 PM

To improve Airplay performance we recommend the following to try:

  1. Close down all behind the scenes apps on your iOS device 
  2. Restart your device full reboot
  3. Turn off Bluetooth
  4. Ensure your device is charged to above 30% power
  5. Ensure device software/firmware is up to date
  6. Check WiFi signal strength at the speaker less than 70dB is good
  7. Ensure no other devices are downloading or streaming large amounts of data
  8. Music played; if cloud based could be connection issue with service causing dropouts, try local music on your device 
  9. Upgrade your router (free router supplied with your broadband may not be adequate to handle multiple devices) 

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