How do I connect Lithe Audio Bluetooth Speaker to Google Home product ?

Modified on: Tue, 1 Oct, 2019 at 3:49 PM

Please ensure that the speaker you have purchased is a no PIN version, as it doesn't connect if it has a PIN.

How do I check this ? When you try to connect your phone to the speaker, search in Bluetooth settings - Lithe Audio BT, click speaker if it just connects, it is a no PIN version, if not its a PIN version.

  1. Place the speaker in search pairing mode, ie blue light flashing fast. Disconnect all devices from the speaker it shall default to pairing mode, or turn the power off then back on.
  2. Ensure your Google Home is already setup with your WiFi all ready to go
  3. Open the Google Home app> choose your google home product you are pairing with: >Click Add >Set up Device >New devices>Choose a home device>Next >it shall search for devices....
  4. Once found click and add

For further advice on connectivity please check out Google support

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