Can the remote be used with a learning remote controller?

Modified on: Mon, 4 Feb, 2019 at 12:19 PM

Yes, place the device in learn mode press SET for 5 seconds until LED on remote flickers then stays lit then press OK (1 beep will be heard), red LED will stay on, LEARN mode active. To learn the 5 functions left, right, OK, up and down to suit. To learn press example left, press left on remote until 2 beeps, the red LED on IR receiver will change from steady to slow flashes. Aim the (learning controller) at the IR receiver and press the button that you need to set as left until beeps three times. The red LED on the IR receiver will change from slow flashes to fast flashes. Press OK on the Remote until 4 beeps, the red LED on the IR receiver shall turn off, showing left has LEARNED successfully.

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